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      *  The Home Year Planner is big enough to write on

      *  Bright and cheerful for your home

      *  This wall planner measures 70cm x 42 cm

      *  High Season periods are highlighted on this wall planner to help you plan holidays


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    Our 2020 Year Planner is single-sided and big enough to make daily notes (such as birthdays, appointments, visitors etc).

    This high quality wall planner is an attractive alternative to a conventional office year planner. It’s 70cm wide and 42cm tall, (larger than A2 size) so this wall planner is ideal size for a kitchen or study wall.

    • Each day-box is large enouth to write in, and shows UK Holidays, family ‘High Season’ periods, New and Full Moon, Eclipses and Shooting Star predictions.
    • Includes popular events and festivals. Also includes multi-faith holidays, Pagan, and religious dates. Office year planners do not have this information
    • Printed single sided on heavy duty 100% recycled card paper (250gsm) so it won’t tear when you write on it against a rough wall.
    • The finish is not shiny or laminated, so you can easily write in pencil (for easy correction) or with a ball pen or marker pen.
    • Our Home Year Planner shows:

    – All popular UK calendar events for 2020
    – High Season dates for 2020
    – Major Religious Festivals (Hanukkah, Diwali, Ramadan, Beltane)
    – Special days (Chinese New Year, Solstice, Equinox, Pancake)
    – Bank holidays in England, Scotland and Wales
    – Major UK sporting events
    – Moon Phases, and eclipses
    – British Summer Time start and end

    The Home Year Planner 2020 is 70cm wide x 42cm.  You can compare wall planner sizes here
    This Year Planner is printed in the UK on 100% recycled paper using vegetable based inks


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