Humankind started farming in the Nile valley over 10,000 years ago. Our ancestors watched the rhythms of the heavens, and made connections between the patterns in the night-sky and the effects of the moon, planets, and stars on their bodies, the oceans, and on their gardens.

Over the centuries as farming spread, they determined the best times to plant and harvest their crops, as well as for animal husbandry, beekeeping, and timber felling. This knowledge was handed down through the generations in oral and written tradition.

With the development of chemical fertilisers in the 20th century, these principles were largely forgotten or ignored; Rudolf Steiner helped to revive and consolidate some of these Lunar Gardening traditions by developing his Biodynamic farming techniques.

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Our Lunar Gardening calendar follows biodynamic principles, and is colour-coded to show the different moon phases, paths, and constellations for each day of the year. You can choose the best days for various tasks by using the right colour combination.

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The seeds of today are tomorrows future!

We supply Biodynamic seeds that are ideal for use with the Lunar Gardening calendar.  If you buy our Biodynamic Organic seeds, you get a free Lunar Gardening seed guide. 

Our online seed catalogue here contains detailed info  about companion planting, lunar dates and other tips  specific to that variety.  Simply double-click on the catalogue item to find out more    

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