• Gardeners Year Planner 2021

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      The Gardeners Year Planner 2020 is a biodynamic lunar gardening calendar that can also be used as a year-planner.

      You can write notes and appointments in each day-box.


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    Gardeners Year Planner 2021 is now Double-sided, with our Lunar Gardening Calendar 2021 on the reverse side.

    It is in large year-planner format so you can write notes and appointments in each day-box.

    On the reverse side is our traditional Lunar Gardening Calendar, so you can choose which format you prefer.

    Gardeners Year Planner 2021 has the same biodynamic information as our Lunar Gardening Calendar and shows:
    – Moon Phase
    – Moon Path (Ascending/Descending)
    – Favoured Plant Aspect (Fruit, Flower, Leaf, Root) by hour

    Gardeners Year Planner 2021 includes UK Bank Holidays, Multi-faith festivals, Eclipses, Gardening events, British Summertime etc

    Gardeners Year Planner 2021 uses the BIODYNAMIC system
    Gardeners Year Planner is 70cm wide x 42cm
    Printed on 100% recycled paper


    SHIPPING: UK is £2.90 in a tube.  Overseas is £4.00 flat-folded in an envelope.